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it might be an issue with crowds

I’m an easy-going guy who is caught between respecting what anyone thinks (better, much better, if he or she may be so kind as to show events and folds) or chooses to believe or believe they should believe a belief, … Continue reading

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doubting revelry

Excuse me for my wayward attitude. You see I missed seminary ivy. You know there are such things as libraries; encyclopedias; or a sleek swift perched on a line, trilling, while watching the river slide by. And how do you … Continue reading

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yeah i know i know

it always helps when those lost in dark tunnels they created themselves at last begin to understand

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tsk tsk tsk

a lot of nerve for such a naughty tot to entertain yourself since the moment it was decreed you are forbidden peace as total acquiescence is the sole role allowed to a sandcastle foreman and wearing the mask of the … Continue reading

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now entering the wrong world

The processors became fogged long ago. Maybe that’s why the anecdote did not click; as in, pay attention you dense dimwit; that was a widely applicable metaphor as in she was taught that her feet were faulty so she was … Continue reading

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seeing it differently

maybe blogging is like offering samples from the culinary-literary laboratory and maybe I give away too many plates of sliced salamis and cutely cubed cheeses so there’s nothing fresh left to put in a genuine book? Maybe it’s that cursed … Continue reading

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the isolation predicament

So go easy on yourself See where the pencil you tried to control usurped you To be your best guide with a wandering off where the true spoon of gems The gleam of enthusiasm – for once letting nudity’s riches … Continue reading

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