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I know why my mojo goes away

Scram, skedaddle and shoo oh ye mood polluter annoying and vile. Well rah-rah you are preaching for your team – as do opponents whose numbers compete. Must be nice to never fret or second-guess every aspect of everything from the … Continue reading

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how many awakenings will it take?

to listen to too many a mortarboard pro may oft be to precipitously err for their concerns must be elevation. Or to consider this attack example: sometimes a base camp totally massacres base camps that base camping books take terrible … Continue reading

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wow when one begins the chopping of prose, man it’s hard to stop-stop-stop-chop-chop-chop

The casual years. Those he recalled because he could recall a few and he was glad he had those few for his recollection because he could use what he could recollect for the instruction to the system that got installed … Continue reading

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chopping more prose – chop chop chop

But today he was having much of what he wanted because to have a day with no special plans was a pretty fine thing to have; felt bad about it sometimes; would feel bad about it again; always did; not … Continue reading

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and a by the by

for the millionth time it is all about perspective and scale – that relativity rigmarole and let’s extend this to pursed lists of what to and to not with some of the worst possible examples – and even if those … Continue reading

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dear lords watson and jones, save us all

O someone, preferably a greater Someone than a lesser Someone, some strongly strong in academia, or a someone who oversees all that is of the academic and the civil, please but we are a multitude of the holy and the … Continue reading

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oh I remember when

lost in another one of those perplexities, the latest word to reach in and restore a manner of calm went something like: pens, pencils, and all kinds of paper. These ye shall make friends with – better, hasten ye unto … Continue reading

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