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general purpose

put this mark a bit off-center using the handiest pencil and a notice of neon that blinks but is not obtrusive will not author an error by asking in a reminiscent throb whatever could be the belief causative creating a … Continue reading

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This Poet’s Predicament

Hemmed in an agenda jungle, herded on the writing of writhing barge while mountains green and brown, with lips and language talents, exchange quips, or they did exchange quips until the dark realists invaded and found talking mountains; and sedans … Continue reading

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what I’m up against

Readers, your humble Poet resides in a zone under constant bombardment by belligerent bad mood spirits who possess all sorts of weapons meant to prevent sweet languor in abstract sprawl – it’s like they bred abrasives to specifically cripple word … Continue reading

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oh what a bafflement

who could guess poetry had enemies? and spirits get edgy when around it? – because it can be anything? or choose to stroll the street decked in pink mums? Who could imagine that grown men guarded by sharp-shooting armor are … Continue reading

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I know why my mojo goes away

Scram, skedaddle and shoo oh ye mood polluter annoying and vile. Well rah-rah you are preaching for your team – as do opponents whose numbers compete. Must be nice to never fret or second-guess every aspect of everything from the … Continue reading

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how many awakenings will it take?

to listen to too many a mortarboard pro may oft be to precipitously err for their concerns must be elevation. Or to consider this attack example: sometimes a base camp totally massacres base camps that base camping books take terrible … Continue reading

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wow when one begins the chopping of prose, man it’s hard to stop-stop-stop-chop-chop-chop

The casual years. Those he recalled because he could recall a few and he was glad he had those few for his recollection because he could use what he could recollect for the instruction to the system that got installed … Continue reading

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