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same old, same old

the shock, the fear, is real (oh no, not this again) and strikes like a viper training to be a boxer and a bold of lightning in the moonlight (proceed, but with extreme caution) – the thought taking the shape … Continue reading

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hopeless in idaho or dealing with constant interruptions while trying to think, much less write

Receptor sector, stand straight down, signal under the usual rude serpentine scramble attack. Yes it is unfortunate that drills such as these are now routine, but the complex is in a state that officially despises types that thrive where quietude … Continue reading

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the war of atmospheres rages, rages

the sneaky slimy sun was not always a sneaky slimy sun but had gone over to this dark dank side during a time when stresses aimed brute blazes directly into quarters once assumed private and allowed no space in which … Continue reading

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countenance is covered with cobwebs

Weirdness, Weirdness, thou hast forsaken me! Far from this land, what is screwy, twisted, hath flown, whereas in eras fruiting gold they’d now and then go out window-shopping and were not unknown to bring home fabrics and scarves, heaping higher … Continue reading

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gotta restart somewhere

can’t stand having to use a word like Soul because it wants to stir up all the nuts who with sadistic joy in their hearts are not shy in leveling a stern eye at easy-going miscreants, like me – speaking … Continue reading

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Spinning in Real World Blues

So a self says to a self-mate far from the tone of an order that simply crossing a border might do the writer-body good. What is dressed as a wall of steel is as easy to pierce as a present, … Continue reading

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can’t even attain a decent seat with dark comedy

if home is a realm that always welcomed fantasies church fathers deemed forbidden, no poet can be called truly homeless as the poet penning these forlorn lines. Once upon a time, the libertine stew brimmed with chunky nuggets bathed in … Continue reading

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