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more moaning about my predicament

the poet’s pursuit is an ethics foe and the he or the she who dares compose a lyric in praise of sweet solitude can count on forfeiting support while pouring a forbidden foundation. Being alone most of the time is … Continue reading

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This Poet’s Predicament

Hemmed in an agenda jungle, herded on the writing of writhing barge while mountains green and brown, with lips and language talents, exchange quips, or they did exchange quips until the dark realists invaded and found talking mountains; and sedans … Continue reading

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what I’m up against

Readers, your humble Poet resides in a zone under constant bombardment by belligerent bad mood spirits who possess all sorts of weapons meant to prevent sweet languor in abstract sprawl – it’s like they bred abrasives to specifically cripple word … Continue reading

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fated for poetry?

When really getting a good look at the magical actions these buttons are capable of – as in dimension crisscross and zigzag; sober or highly inebriated, well yeah, fireworks ensue – brightly and loud they do ensue. And secrecy is … Continue reading

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to all the how-to vultures

Briefly do the doors allow a light to show an escape is possible on a twisted road poison fruits flank; thing is they cast a scent that allures and peddlers assure they are answers constructed for the sake of helping … Continue reading

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Dear Muse whoever you are, please give this poet-writer a swift kick in the ass

hey what’s this frozen on the floor bit? just get at it and stamp something already. Rubber? Good enough, get rubbery – that dirty squeaky friction – lick where sweat is – maybe beads are a crop across her caramel … Continue reading

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I can’t be the only one who sees it this way

Now I see why so much of the writing advice out there bugs me. First of all we get the tone of authority that none shall dare question – which if nothing else is enough reason to question. But I … Continue reading

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