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warning: you are approaching a post about writing

less about writing actually and maybe more about finding that precious environment to do it in – concentrate – find that thing they call flow. I seem to recall a vague adage that says if a real writer really wants … Continue reading

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is it possible

It appears that I’ve made contact – brief contact – with one of my favorite voices that seemed lost forever – oh it’s been so long since I felt it – though it’s clearly not confident as it once was … Continue reading

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for fuck’s sake I just want to write

all I want for my birthday that looms is a larger more private space so immersion can happen, but in lieu of that pipe dream I’d settle for giving a special someone a keyboard that types in silence as I’m … Continue reading

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how to piss off a poet

I never cared to get too technical although a curvaceous glossary can exude a gluey magnetism; toes do get wet and fingers are made sticky. So my train of thought – surprise, surprise – has encountered another derailment. Again I … Continue reading

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frazzled fuses – the crisis continues

A correction is in order regarding that fiction memo true that about the big box of bibles and the equally big box of bugles, and that this crisis drives all of us nuts, which is the invaders’ ultimate goal, and … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Free-Write

It sounds insane to think a silly thing as in a book or a paperweight may exchange telegram zingers after the household humans emulating farmers, yawn and crawl into geometry unconscious they too are stars. Of course thinking so is … Continue reading

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attack of the inner critic

Then the great Ahem comes acting like insomnia had almost grown weary of being a pillow pest or was yanked from a light, chick-watching sit by a frothy fountain gushing near the center of a far-away Bucharest. Then I says … Continue reading

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