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fated for poetry?

When really getting a good look at the magical actions these buttons are capable of – as in dimension crisscross and zigzag; sober or highly inebriated, well yeah, fireworks ensue – brightly and loud they do ensue. And secrecy is … Continue reading

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to all the how-to vultures

Briefly do the doors allow a light to show an escape is possible on a twisted road poison fruits flank; thing is they cast a scent that allures and peddlers assure they are answers constructed for the sake of helping … Continue reading

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Dear Muse whoever you are, please give this poet-writer a swift kick in the ass

hey what’s this frozen on the floor bit? just get at it and stamp something already. Rubber? Good enough, get rubbery – that dirty squeaky friction – lick where sweat is – maybe beads are a crop across her caramel … Continue reading

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I can’t be the only one who sees it this way

Now I see why so much of the writing advice out there bugs me. First of all we get the tone of authority that none shall dare question – which if nothing else is enough reason to question. But I … Continue reading

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conditions, part 1

this shit’s tough enough when conditions are optimal. Add the odd missile landing loudly behind an attempt at addressing a character flaw making a hearing or seeing a bitch, a grind that ain’t the good grind riding hard the stallion … Continue reading

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lazy and cynical s.o.b me

sparrow vocal and chubby alit and then split, likely a bit spoiled on corn hauled in from the city, mainly showing what a shame it is when what it is ought to be sweet. these treats the farthest from the … Continue reading

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rewording the previous

there really is something to be said for a set of stuffy moral standards because most of the fun in this brief life is the engagement with immorality, so when everything is Okay… man it’s a tough one. Puritanical community … Continue reading

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