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I Hate I

I know I am out of the zone I love when the touch is lost to the policy set in stone relatively long ago, stiffer than a religious commandment. This ancient policy was to avoid at any cost, and be … Continue reading

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heavens, universe, someone, whoever, we have a situation here

Should closer relations experience an advancement towards a layman term, a preliminary saying may say these are rather rare finds; might require patience fit for endurance through heavy clouds gathered for nothing but revelry; no offense against revelry or clouds … Continue reading

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Since interest seems inferred and assuming the eager beams mean the radiance is genuine, there is territory the rabble more or less never grace: cases and shelves that seethe with an inexhaustible supply of what the knowing know as the … Continue reading

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actually it was more than two – more like four

I refuse to believe the words are dead. Mind, an able propagandist may proffer the… proffer the… here it happens, public and colorless; two were auditioning and were asked to hang on a second but even the truth of if … Continue reading

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Seems like it never fails: start to get ticked off to the verge of explosion because of the internet, when sure enough that’s about the time I make the odd sale or learn something new. The existence of sapiosexuality, say. Now … Continue reading

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for example

the last post-reblog (somehow missed how to add a note or comment) from the end of 2013 while in Romania. That makes sense too: those 3 wonderful years in Bucharest. Yeah the chatter was voluminous and nearly constant – but … Continue reading

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well it should’ve been obvious

why the image manipulation/visual stuff is extra attractive as opposed to the writing of a work of literature, even if it is a silly sex story: writing requires thought, concentration, focus; space and ability to think, concentrate, focus; those goodies … Continue reading

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