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some genuinely disastrous narration

Maybe impatience creates an illusion doused in syrup; and hasn’t known a warm room since the day its shapely jug – or the shapely container most normal visionaries would affirm as close enough to go call a jug and so … Continue reading

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more nonsense exercising

meanwhile in a laboratory slightly smoky and fizzy as laboratories are expected to be, enveloped deep within an experimental project a scientific sort peeled his eyeballs from the test tube that had held him rapt. Someone or something is thinking … Continue reading

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written to keep from sinking into the sea of not-writing

The ancient asian vase was a piece of junk from the perspective of the puritan who might’ve as well been born a bull easily incensed and that by more than the color of red as a center stage cape. Therefore … Continue reading

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confusion comes to the suspended entity

the entity standing at the motel entry said, “you did not exactly create me. More like a discovery if I may speak blunt. Because I know I was somewhere and had a name before rolling into this town which tone … Continue reading

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another suspended entity

a strange entity rolled into the town that from its inception must be called small and whose mayor encouraged defensive attitudes and discouraged gatherings unless a mass would weep while on their knees, and certainly no dungaree zippers shall suspiciously … Continue reading

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my first inkscape cartoon people in bucharest

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ahhhh, poeticizing fiction concepts

a heavenly fly-in joint serves the yummiest bunny nuggets this side of the veil so goes an accessory scenic backdrop element assigned to the ambiance crew wonder about waitresses as in must they be chickadees. What about phoebes? Hm. Phoebe.

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