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maybe not so fast

Acknowledge perilous territory painting puddles nearer than the vista. The worthy caretaker would set aside a spare bracket and prepare notices easily visible and legible warning of dangers Mystery is in. Oh It Itself will never go extinct but to … Continue reading

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How about this for a sunday sermon?

Beginning to wonder about missing the mark when trying to identify where I took a turn that has resulted in a lack of output in the department of fiction. And I can’t help but suspect the internet has been more … Continue reading

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further developments from the last one

sorry but objectivity is as fitting for fairy tales as is a slippery princess. One can sit speechless in stillness for as long as a day allows when realizing that hardly a book or a body of text exists that … Continue reading

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the best comedy is anyone saying they are certain of anything

Granting no one really knows a damn thing, subjective travel experiences appear in these lean years to gravitate towards rhythm’s importance – it often gets a shafting of sorts – possibly due to naturally hurrying humans who would not be … Continue reading

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in this I wonder if I am a one-percenter

Of all the wonders that clamor for jaw-gaping amazement, a blue gargantuan ribbon is long overdue as in the ease of instilling in humans fear of enjoyment in general, and the phenomenal scourge does not single out the righteous protestant … Continue reading

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for the millionth beginning

a beginning pacing space stubbed a toe on a concept and looking down saw it said The Middle of Nowhere as in and as if to tease this beginning pacing space as the assumption assumed this beginning’s private office existed … Continue reading

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an act of poetic frustration pt2

But these deeper and more profound propositions were yet but glints in these beginnings or this one chaos of a beginning when all the pertinent things mingled and milled without knowing why they mingled and milled or where they’d been … Continue reading

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