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river, moon from the rockies, and some administrative stuff from Bucharest, Romania

Funny how knowing the name of something acts as a benevolent kick in the rear. I’ve always loved to mess around with drawing/painting/photo programs and I love to doodle with pencils. But for the life of me, I just can’t, … Continue reading

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oh I remember when

lost in another one of those perplexities, the latest word to reach in and restore a manner of calm went something like: pens, pencils, and all kinds of paper. These ye shall make friends with – better, hasten ye unto … Continue reading

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mind map meander #3

stations were years ago by unanimity banned from the innards of the Land Where All Is Long. Native in the next seat explained this. “It’s either bite the big bit and shell out taxi dough, or hope you’re in shape … Continue reading

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more learning

I think the idea is to make stuff – poems, stories, books, designs, etc – that you would like to read, have, wear…. for the writing stuff, it’s no problem for me to read what I like to read, but … Continue reading

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stumbled into something different

I know these are pretty bad but why worry about a high bar

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Yeah I know. Frequent changes. Get ideas. Urge to try them overwhelms. Impatience takes over. Thought about doing another blog but I got so many of those that didn’t go anywhere. Guess it was last year Semen Springs bubbled up. … Continue reading

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vignette exploration (#1)

And then one of those wandering souls recently evicted from one of these local crows waiting for the light of its dimension diner to dial in the digital signal of readiness for service fell weary from the to and fro … Continue reading

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