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well yeah of course

…I’d love to come up with a hit shirt or something but I ain’t a pushy person either, yet I gotta say…. kinda like this one I know who I am I just don’t know why who I am by … Continue reading

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couldn’t resist

had to put it on a shirt not necessarily true T-Shirt by MiddleFingerExpress  

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is this the smell of a brand?

Hm. Middle Finger Poetry? Or Middle Finger Literature? Could this be it? I mean that thing entrepreneurial expert sites call branding? Maybe not just Poetry? Fictions too? Could this be the swing of that gate of destiny? At last? Alas, … Continue reading

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the motivation

I am driven to become capable with visuals because I’d really like to do stuff like this.

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buyer beware of the cushy pink button

Only gods, who forsook us long ago, could begin to decipher this obtuse manufacturer’s manual booklet. Says nowhere, not even in the fine print what the cushy pink button does. What do they expect? Must they assume purchasers wear the … Continue reading

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Doodle Inc…

Haven’t yet learned to draw-draw but by golly, might as well start incorporating a few doodles

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river, moon from the rockies, and some administrative stuff from Bucharest, Romania

Funny how knowing the name of something acts as a benevolent kick in the rear. I’ve always loved to mess around with drawing/painting/photo programs and I love to doodle with pencils. But for the life of me, I just can’t, … Continue reading

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