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another go at… uh…. you know what

There was a beginning oblivious to its true nature. Sources bearing far fewer official credentials arose in later years claiming the truth was not at all as the conventional accounts record, insisting that this particularly wily and frankly unwieldy beginning … Continue reading

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ahhhh, poeticizing fiction concepts

a heavenly fly-in joint serves the yummiest bunny nuggets this side of the veil so goes an accessory scenic backdrop element assigned to the ambiance crew wonder about waitresses as in must they be chickadees. What about phoebes? Hm. Phoebe.

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and the park thing goes completely off course

‘All the same what I am trying to say is far from an idea freshly set free, but rubs shoulders as our conjoined hips bump the other – about which it just may be a bit of flickering fortune that … Continue reading

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furthering a night at the park

The traveler replied to the poem, or began to reply to the poem, but the nocturnal carnivore butted in to speak from the dark forestation. “Are we to take this to mean we must cease belief in existence for now? … Continue reading

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one night in the park

It was night along the forested trail where a traveler saw ease in pretense, in the sense of severance from humans. Oh what stresses humans daily authored, which in turn birthed solitude fantasies. Now alone on this forested park trail … Continue reading

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this is more like it

The afternoon cloud controller formed an irritated scowl; of course, the scowl was formed on the countenance of the afternoon cloud controller; the scowl formation born because of a sudden ringing sensation crying from the telecom screen. Now a ringing … Continue reading

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another piece of my untitled wip

Many of the colonies sprang so fast into functional existence because of allies who donated acreage though some had trouble accessing comfort as in slipping smoothly into pleasant dreams when the night deepened and the crack of a twig or … Continue reading

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