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another piece of my untitled wip

Many of the colonies sprang so fast into functional existence because of allies who donated acreage though some had trouble accessing comfort as in slipping smoothly into pleasant dreams when the night deepened and the crack of a twig or … Continue reading

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excerpt from this morning’s efforts on a new untitled project

Reverend Jameson’s observation was proving to be prophetically spot on. Labeling pleasures ‘forbidden’ only increased interest to taste them. Should the interest be avid enough a reader could interpret any text or an observer a natural scene as reason enough … Continue reading

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is it possible

It appears that I’ve made contact – brief contact – with one of my favorite voices that seemed lost forever – oh it’s been so long since I felt it – though it’s clearly not confident as it once was … Continue reading

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talk about frazzled fuses

it has come to the point that fantasy solutions cannot advance victory and as is brutally clear, munitions have dwindled to a few firecrackers; oh yes there is that big box of bugles but since the bugle instructor has quit … Continue reading

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attack of the inner critic

Then the great Ahem comes acting like insomnia had almost grown weary of being a pillow pest or was yanked from a light, chick-watching sit by a frothy fountain gushing near the center of a far-away Bucharest. Then I says … Continue reading

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not ghostly or ghastly but true

  the ball by the river is in full swing and in sweaty attendance a newly risen forefather derives as much thrall in electricity as the music – hearing nothing heavenly as guitar and microphone bark and twang; and vixens … Continue reading

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playing with paragraphs 1

on a mantle sat two glass animals or more like space occupied by stances. One of the mantle animals of glass was an elephant; and the other of the mantle animals was a giraffe. The human home they were prisoners … Continue reading

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