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oldie redo

frequent breaks from routine must be the crowning recommendation. Too many pills are eaten for what as little as a quart of Calm never and never will fail doing and this truth is known only from a subjective stumble smacking … Continue reading

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this must be a season of redoing-touching-up oldies

the rose who says a bold hello is but mirage and far less so bored thorns thus liberties must employ plenty slink on the petals

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another touched up oldie, this time an Ode to Midwest Memories

The empty boxcars called long ago. Small town. Kid growing up in a small town. Railroad crossings litter much midwestern space; houses spacious for bringing up bounties in broods and roads and farmer fields do not; but they’d roll along, … Continue reading

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touching up an oldie – guess this would be an Ode to Bucharest

the concrete requires no storm permission to rain and select chunks just wait as slabs that reside under mills tend to not care about racked up decades and just yawn when Mister Richter cuts loose a sneeze; a six or … Continue reading

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rewriting the opening words of the Lefty and the Human tale

Lefty bopped like he walked on air instead of a walkway that had known brighter times. Supposing a curiosity would stir and snatch up a scope, whether from an afar perch or from as near as the uncultivated brambles that … Continue reading

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a sentimental reposting

as I anticipate the magazine article/story I wrote for a Romanian magazine (in Romanian though I did not write it in Romanian but I have an ace Translator) it is hard to not remember the few years I was so … Continue reading

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slight touch-up of an old excerpt from the thing about bleeps

only the most foolish shut their eyes in the prayerful hope that they could get at least a short note that could explain what the devil had gotten into this horrible sound. However no one today supposes that the big … Continue reading

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