masks in the millions

Consider assuming the opposite
stance the poisonous thicket occludes
equally true, as what masses observe
runs to bear witness to the obscene
passing in turn for ornament glitter

and maybe isn’t what they say it is
or even what an academic types
going on to base an organism
on one silly face quirk unable
to be mistaken for the orgasm

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and another thing

Way back when I had to look up what you mean
because I keep forgetting I ain’t eighteen
no more, as in that distant misty era
to be a patriot meant hedonism
which doesn’t necessarily mean to me
what I reckon many think it means for all.
You know we cannot have millions of shades.

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tears of a snotty seer

It is not superiority
you gnat. More like a fat creamy slab
of gratitude. And who the fuck ever said
a crumbly syllable about
making a contribution anywhere?

Not me, dweeb. When did you last ride
a rollercoaster just for the rush? Ever?
Bet you hate Bullwinkle and Green Acres,
you know because they were zany funny.
Thank you Jesus he is not my neighbor.

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passage through repentance

while astraddle a bicycle
vaginal scenery sought audience
for it is June and July

in this upstairs hemisphere
and gets incredibly hard
lying while wearing tight hot pants

and the genuine article
must turn to pornography.
The bicycle too is fiction.

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words to stay afloat

to make a cartoon wolf play
a human being in bibs
(even when decked in man boobs)
dims the rather savage nature
of neither – and let’s go ahead
and include much of what is to be
nether – wherever whatever is real
brandishes naked existence –
lends a hand a banana
peel in pursuit of a wee giggle
is all, and after all, ink
marks a permanence, thus may the pen
assume the positive stature
in stiffness and in color,
forever shredding paper into hay

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what they really say

Raven Ralph stuck his wingtips
into the slits hidden to humans
and panning his eyes for one more gaze
of considered assessment
around the suite for sale in these
Hickory Heights, settled his countenance
towards the earth below while addressing
Barney the real estate owl.

“About the spacious branches
I can’t come up with a single beef
– nice and stout – perfect for a retiree
raven like me – and the view – oh how
supreme is this view. But I see
horses in the meadow – munching clover
and grass – I can only hope those horses
do not munch on clover and grass
into the wee hours – I also want
to wonder about how long ago
did humans cultivate and clear
what I remember as a wild world?”

Barney the real estate owl inquired,
“look I don’t mean to pry and I know
I risk becoming a cat -”
“bad place to become a cat,” Raven Ralph
interjected, “these arboreal heights.”
“That almost isn’t all that funny.
So I cannot help but to respectfully ask
– your overseas tour lasted a long time?”
“You know what they say – once the Aerial
Service gets its claws on you they keep
you for a long time and often
far from home, as in Transylvania.”
“Transylvania? That is far from home.”

Raven Ralph answered his no big deal shrug.
“About the horses in the meadow…”
Barney the real estate owl
ran his wing over his head
of thinning feathers and spent
a disconsolate sigh,
thinking this was why he was
becoming an alcoholic owl.
“Look, there’s not much we critters
of the forest can do about humans
and their horses. It is nigh
impossible to find a treetop suite
where the humans and their horses
did not cultivate the vicinity.
And yeah, to answer your unspoken
sentiment, that’s why treetop suites
are going as cheap as they do these days.”

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this is probably one of two or three homes

A bright bear lounged along a river
where berries would burst and stain grass
and stone were they any riper.
Our bear’s brightness resided within
though he knew to avoid the flesh

composing the dwelling place of the nut
that had to go and develop a fetish
for singing horrid folk songs to the earth,
thinking that because a tree does not speak
that it won’t mind at all if that nasty

folk song singer rubs its foul jewels
against the helpless tree’s naked trunk.
Our bright bear never personally
sampled such an example. Buddy bears
did and he had to watch them suffer

unnatural agonies; watched them roll
in a meadow the gods painted for fun
– fun meaning a scene of not only green
but whites and blues and butterflies and bees
where the plethora of critters may play

though should a critter prefer the term
Frolic in reference, Frolic
was the term for that critter – and insects
could consider themselves included
in the great critter family though

most of the insects politely declined,
perfectly happy in the classes
they rubbed antenna or thorax with;
tried to warn them, our bright bear did,
“if the snack bug is nagging bad,

you’ll be much better off if you snag
a trout out of the rushing rapids
than to go messing with toxic creatures
that actually sing horrid folk songs
to the earth and rub their privates on trees.”

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