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something that came in the morning

I must be free My mind must be free and my mind and I are synonymous My mind must be able to freely: fantasize, imagine, contemplate, meditate, interpret, analyze, meander, roam, and delve, and proceed accordingly as all other things … Continue reading

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I guess anything ought to be fair game. I say so after experiences expressly designed to drive men bonkers. They entail rabbit holes. They know their cute noses and twitches and whiskers are explicitly irresistible. Thank someone managing the Universe … Continue reading

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oh little lamb take care and remain most wary

the wise wordsmith will invest in shoulder blade plates as the hypocrites always lasso the pendulum, their object of worship a truly jealous god who mercilessly grinds in the ground otherwise wonderful words – as all words are in their … Continue reading

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peeling off a few more

some or largely what gave the impetus to spew yesterday’s little rant had to do with the cyclical searches or searches born out of deep doubts as well as remembrances. The same old storms. Maybe I’m not a poet or … Continue reading

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the world despises those who love to play

warning: the reader is about to read a post that is baldly self-indulgent, but the ultimate aim is application that extends beyond this bubbly world So here we go again. Getting on the old merry treadmill. Climbing into the merry … Continue reading

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so I gave it a try

I still haven’t nailed down a writer-poet identity. But I am learning (or more like relearning or being reminded) that whatever or whoever I may or may not be I damn sure ain’t so salesman or marketing person. Not saying … Continue reading

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seeking identity, 7

to the reader who happens to be just tuning in, I am at an admittedly casual pace attempting an exercise and attempting it publicly for the sake of inspiring others who might be in relatively similar quandaries. The hope is … Continue reading

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