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In a Sanctuary…

Don’t look now but we are surrounded by bunnies and birds. Must be the all-purpose corny flavor; bet these hills host fewer that are fatter and this includes the wild black ones marked with vivid passion streaks like officers of … Continue reading

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Why Seagull Shirley Could Not Be Conscious

Back to seagull and quill, Seagull Stanley and the quill he twiddled loosely in his wingtip; Shirley you see, was under sedation, meaning the sedatives given by hand via wisdom because Hostess Jean-Jeanie was also the primary proprietor of this … Continue reading

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Another Beginning to Another Disastrous Story-Poem-Thing

Seagull Stanley tapped the sandpaper stationary; not because of the blank he mentally drew about the words he should and would write using the sleekly chic angel-soft quill, but because part of what his wishes were in regards to the … Continue reading

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maybe playing with seasons will fix this frazzled fuse

Dear birds, your presence has been a colorful, harmonious pleasure. Sorry some of your kin became cat toys. If it helps, we both envy your freedom. We cannot flutter towards the heavens or make whoopee a hundred times per day. … Continue reading

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damn duck mortals

She is a phantom favoring feathers though souls wiser may have had more practice in getting started well before the dawn and in scoping the local eateries. Maybe she missed the river hatchery and maybe she shed a tear when … Continue reading

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tumbling ah

Finch! Fuck that’s what it was. Finch. Now finches can damn straight come in gold. And a cardinal can damn straight – damn straight is sometimes scarlet meaning a scarlet finch meaning the cardinal will once be scarlet remain scarlet, … Continue reading

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Had to grab the digital when the dove appeared; appearance unreal, bearing calm yet not exactly at perfect peace as it was a dove and doves cock their heads like they’re frustratingly not quite in tune yet a ruffle upon … Continue reading

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