no choice but persistence

order conjoins the ramrod thrust that
all in forward motion or as the dry
in humor and play repetitively
blare these days, all that progresses,

they – they meaning the all the column
composes – will the motions cease please
and this includes pockets coins were
loosely chatting in jingles in

and let not the steel-blue silvery
spearhead hear the tail whisper mutiny,
he huffing, We will barely begin
examination of this empty space

we have suddenly stumbled upon
before the final syllable
shall squash all of our love and war dreams.
Truly this vast void would take no greater

delight than to swallow thus foil us
– now who dared cause Toil to become
audible? This is the worst time for
wordplay or for musicians to try jokes


About Timmy the Scribbler

Love to write all kinds of stuff I love writing so many different kinds of stuff it is a constant struggle to narrow the focus to a manageable handful and let the others go. But a few years ago I dipped my fingers into a poetry pie and of all my uncertainties, one thing that is no uncertainty is that it is one passion that must remain, so maybe that's the one. I do dearly delight in chopping up fictional works into stanzas and syllables.
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