clouded ladders

Can’t really do other than admit
that swanky hindsight perspective
does house a host of shiver measures;
all this while thinking seas
were sailed and the machete swung
in adventure atop adventure;
only to see the beat dirt trail encircle

a pine grove grown a couple giant
heights since the curtain enclosure.
You are among the more persuasive
hindsight perspective peddlers
to roam these roads, knock on these doors.
Don’t really need one, thanks just the same.
But you’re welcome to help yourself to hash.


About Timmy the Scribbler

Love to write all kinds of stuff I love writing so many different kinds of stuff it is a constant struggle to narrow the focus to a manageable handful and let the others go. But a few years ago I dipped my fingers into a poetry pie and of all my uncertainties, one thing that is no uncertainty is that it is one passion that must remain, so maybe that's the one. I do dearly delight in chopping up fictional works into stanzas and syllables.
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