2014 #222

the raptor sailing on October’s
dearer sun’s grace could tell us
about life in a cloud if we busy,

over-proud ants could unglue
our fingers and sever
our eyes from our toys

or if we could teach the raptor
modern enterprise principles
so we could all network together.

Oh what
an ignorant hawk!
Or such a dancer needs the ignorance

tag, or at least teach the children
whose minds must inquire,
that no, that hawk up there sailing around

the clouds doesn’t dance for sheer pleasure
– the ignorant hawk
is working as we all must work

almost all the time. Hunting.
That’s all a raptor knows. Hunting
and working. Hunting is working. Eat

or be eaten, child; now no more
questions else thou shalt incur
punitive corner time


About Timmy the Scribbler

Love to write all kinds of stuff I love writing so many different kinds of stuff it is a constant struggle to narrow the focus to a manageable handful and let the others go. But a few years ago I dipped my fingers into a poetry pie and of all my uncertainties, one thing that is no uncertainty is that it is one passion that must remain, so maybe that's the one. I do dearly delight in chopping up fictional works into stanzas and syllables.
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